IKO kitesurf levels

At Kitesurf Tofo we use the IKO method which provides progress for students of all levels. All our lessons are given by certified IKO-instructors. Every student will receive an IKO level certificate after completing their course. The courses will be adjusted for beginners, intermediate and advanced level. This gives every student the opportunity to progress within their own level and pace.


3 hours course.

Two students to one IKO instructor.

This entry level practical based course is aimed at complete beginners to introduce you to the sport of kitesurfing.

We will cover all the essentials you will need.

  • General theory
  • Safety theory
  • Kite set-up and kite maintenance
  • Use of safety systems
  • Understanding the wind window
  • Basic kite flying skills on the beach
  • Launching and landing the kite
  • Packing up the kite and ¬†the lines

100 dollar per person


10 hours complete course.

The best way to learn and ride!

Two students to one IKO instructor.

The first is the same as the 3 hour course.

3 till 6 hours:

  • Kite control from the water.
  • Body drag.
  • First contact with the board.

6 till 10 hours:

  • Waterstart.
  • Ride your first meters.

300 dollar per person

Pay in Dollars or in Meticals 


Price per hour.

If you want a private lesson!

Fits perfect to all levels, from beginners to intermediate, it’s the perfect way if you want to learn any skills like:



new tricks


how to use a foilkite

Whatever you want!

Kitesurf Tofo Mozambique

50 dollar

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